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Staying Safe in your Milwaukee Home

In honor of June being National Safety Month, we find it only fitting that we share some Milwaukee home safety tips. Here are 10 ways to keep your family and home safe!

  1. If there is a small child in the house, childproof electrical outlets, cabinets, bathrooms, and more. Contact Milwaukee Handyman for help childproofing your home!
  2. Keep an emergency contact list on your refrigerator, near your phone, or stored in your cell phone. Include your doctors, local pharmacies, nearby hospitals, as well as your gas, electric, and water companies and non-emergency police and fire numbers. Contact your local city officials for additional important phone numbers.
  3. Lock your doors at night and while you’re gone. Don’t leave spare keys hidden outside; instead, give them to a trusted neighbor. Need help installing or changing your door locks, garage door opener, or alarm system?  Contact the experts at Milwaukee Handyman to add or change locks on doors and windows!
  4. Have your house checked for lead and radon levels. When you’re ready for a fresh coat of paint inside or out, contact the painting experts at Milwaukee Handyman to get the job done right!
  5. Make sure every level of your house has a smoke detector installed, and test each one monthly. If you have a 2nd or 3rd story home you should have an escape ladder accessible and set up so the entire family can use it safely. Fire extinguishers in the kitchen, basement and garage are an inexpensive addition to keeping your family and home safe. If you need help with your Milwaukee smoke detector installation, Milwaukee Handyman is here to install them for you!
  6. Clean your gutters between one and four times a year, gutters filled with debris can sag and fall off the house. However, this is a dangerous job, so be careful on the ladder, and have a friend help out! Better yet, contact the Milwaukee Handyman to clean your gutters for you!
  7. Hire a professional electrician to install any household appliances. Installation of household appliances such as washers, dryers, and dishwashers requires the vast knowledge of electricity, amps, and more. Trying to install appliances on your own can result in injury or even death, so contact the certified electricians at Milwaukee Handyman today!
  8. Install hand rails along any stairs, especially for youngsters and the elderly. Don’t know where to begin? Contact the remodeling experts at Milwaukee Handyman to install hand rails on your stairs!
  9. Prevent unnecessary injuries by replacing boards on your deck or porch at the first sign of rotting wood. If this is too large of a project, contact the carpentry experts at Milwaukee Handyman!
  10. Never attempt any home remodeling or repair work that you’re not 100% sure how to do. Don’t risk unnecessary harm or damage – call the Milwaukee home repair experts at Milwaukee Handyman and let them do the dirty work for you, safely, with the right materials, guaranteed to your satisfaction!

And remember – never run with a scissors!