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Milwaukee Home Energy Saving Tips

With winter coming soon, many Milwaukee residents are looking for ways to increase their home energy efficiency and decrease those steep heating & electric bills that seem to come every winter. Here is a list of steps you can take to take the bite out of winter.

Energy Efficient Doors and Windows: One of the main areas of heat loss in most homes are the doors and windows. Most contemporary doors and windows are more energy efficient than what you will find in older homes, and there are super energy efficient models available. If there are any windows and doors in your house where you can feel a draft or cold spot when you put your hand near, it means you are losing heat. It will pay to replace these windows or doors with properly fitting energy efficient models. While the quality of the window or door is important, even more important is the quality of the window or door installer. If the window or door is not a perfect fit for the opening, it will create a draft, which will be very detrimental to your goal of lowering your heating bill. Make sure you hire a qualified Milwaukee carpenter or window/door installation expert to perform your door or window installation job.

Attic Insulation: You don’t want to be paying to heat your attic. If your attic is warmer than the outside air, it will cause ice damming, which can lead to all kinds of structural damage in your home. Check your attic temperature. If it is noticeably warmer than the outdoor air, it means you have a problem. This problem could be caused by improper attic insulation or improper attic ventilation, although most Wisconsin homes have a combination of both problems. It is a good idea to hire a Milwaukee home repair professional to assess what the source of the attic temperature problem is.

Appliances: Old appliances can electricity guzzlers. When you are ready to upgrade, you will want to look at how energy efficient models can save you money. When you are installing your new refrigerator, washer, dryer, or dishwasher, look for appliances with the energy star logo. Appliances with the energy star logo are usually significantly more efficient than the minimum government standards and among the most efficient appliances made today. For an appliance installation handyman to help you out, call Milwaukee Handyman.

While these tips can get you started, you may also want to hire a home energy efficiency expert to do an audit of your Milwaukee home. They have the tools and resources to determine exactly where heat loss in your home is coming from and how to fix it. Once you have their recommendations, call Milwaukee Handyman to get the best deal on making your home energy efficiency upgrades.