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Minor Electrical Repairs for Milwaukee Homeowners


If you have an electrical repair or wiring project around your home, call Milwaukee Handyman to get a FREE estimate, with no trip charge, unlike most electrical contractors in Milwaukee, or Handyman services where you’ve already committed $35+ before they’ve told you how much it’s going to be. With many Milwaukee electricians, there is a two hour minimum charge, meaning you’re out at least $200 before they’ve even stepped foot in your home.

At Milwaukee Handyman, no electrical job is too big or too small; you always get a fair price for the work done. Our electricians show up on time, within a one hour window, unlike electrical contractors who make you stay home all day so you can be there whenever they decide to show up. Electricians with 10+ years of experience and know how will handle your electrical repair right the first time. With electrical wiring, you don’t want to take a chance; all Milwaukee Handyman electrical work is guaranteed for two years.

  • Installation of Light Fixtures
  • Wiring or Re-wiring Outlets
  • Installing or Replacement of Ceiling Fans
  • Install Smoke detectors
  • Installation of Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Wiring Dimmer Switches