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Keep Your Milwaukee Home Cool This Summer

With the warm weather months rapidly approaching, it’s time to dust off your Milwaukee home ceiling fans and air conditioners. Here are some ways you can keep your Milwaukee home cool this season.

Create a Breeze

Follow these basic home cooling tips to create a breeze in your home keeping it nice and cool all summer long.

  • If the outside air is cooler than inside your home, open your upstairs windows to let the hot air out. Then open the downstairs windows to let the cool air gust into your home creating a nice breeze.
  • If it is hotter outside than inside your home, close all doors and windows and pull the shades and blinds closed. This will help keep the heat and baking sun out, keeping your Milwaukee home nice and cool.

Vibrating Ceiling Fan?

If your home ceiling fan is vibrating and making excessive noise, follow these simple at home tips to keep your Milwaukee home cool this summer.

  1. First, check and clean the fan blades. The recent inactivity of your fan may have caused dirt and debris to accumulate throwing the fan off balance.
  2. Next check for and tighten any loose screws on the fan blades.
  3. If neither of these simple home fan repair solutions solve your Milwaukee home ceiling fan problem, check the blades to see if they have become warped. Blades should always lie flat – if one or more doesn’t, you’ll have to replace the entire set. (Contact the manufacturer as they are sold in complete sets.)
  4. You can also check your ceiling fan motor. Remove the blades and irons and turn the fan on to the fastest setting. If your ceiling fan wobbles, it will have to be sent in for repairs.

If you are unable to repair your home ceiling fan yourself, contact Milwaukee Handyman and have our professional handymen help you with your Milwaukee home repairs. If a basic ceiling fan isn’t keeping your Waukesha or Brookfield or Pewaukee home cool, have Milwaukee Handyman install your Milwaukee air conditioning unit for you

Room Air Conditioners

To better cool the room, your air conditioning unit should be placed as high as possible. The air conditioning unit should be placed on a wall which receives very little direct sunlight. Don’t forget to clean the filter of your air conditioning unit either weekly or monthly, depending on the type of unit you have. Regular maintenance of your residential air conditioning unit will help it stay in the best shape possible keeping your Milwaukee home cool throughout the entire summer.

If you are getting a musty smell coming from your air conditioner, you may have a clogged drain hole. This common air conditioning maintenance issue is easily fixed by simply unscrewing and removing the front panel to clean the hole. You can use a sharp object such as a bent wire hanger, or flush the channel out completely with a water-filled turkey baster.

Are you replacing your residential air conditioning? Call Milwaukee Handyman, 262-439-8620, let our professional handymen do the dirty work for you! Our experts will take care of your Milwaukee residential air conditioning unit, so you can have more fun in the sun! Nobody keeps you cooler than the professionals at Milwaukee Handyman! Free Estimates – Complete Written Accounting of Time and Materials including Receipts – 2 year GUARANTEE on work performed!