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Home Improvement Survival Kit

While there are always more tools you can buy, with a good basic tool set, you can take care of most home improvement jobs. Milwaukee Handyman has put together a list of the most essential tools to own for basic home repair.

The Big 3

Hammer – The hammer was likely the first tool ever used. A basic hammer is a must for any tool kit. Pound and pull nails and other protrusions and much more.

Drill – A power drill is useful for a wide variety of applications, from putting together modular furniture to hanging a curtain rod, you will be very glad to have a drill. With Philips head and flat head screw driver bits for the drill, it really is one of the most versatile tools you can own.

Vice Grips – More gripping power than pliers. You could get a medium sized pair to handle most jobs, or a smaller needle nosed vice grips for tight spaces, and a large vice grips for larger protrusions where more power is needed.

Other Essential Tools

Stepladder – Whether you want to paint rooms, hang Christmas lights, or get a Frisbee off the roof, having a stepladder is a must for any homeowner.

Handsaw – You never know when you might need to cut something down to size.

Miter box and miter saw – For more dependable 90 degree cuts.

Putty Knife – For filling nail holes and scraping paint.

Utility Knife – They come in handy more often than you would expect. From home improvement to arts & crafts.

Measuring Tape – Get a metal tape measure with at least a 1” blade so it will be stiff enough to measure long distances like ceiling heights and wall spans without bending.

Slip Joint Pliers – An alternative to vice grips. The jaws have flat and curved areas to grip or crimp a variety of objects. The jaws slip on the pivot post to adjust the size of the jaw opening.

Level – Does what it says – tells you if things are level (parallel to the ground). 24” is a good, versatile length to work with.

Caulk Gun – Seal a drafty window, glue insulation panels, and much more, with the right tube of caulk or adhesive loaded.

Pry Bar – Good for pulling boards, staples, tricky nails, and much more.

Circular Saw – The basic power tool for any carpentry project.

Work Bench – A good work bench with clamps to hold boards and more will help you complete a wide variety of home improvement projects.

While owning all these tools will give you ability to complete most routine home improvement and repair projects, the only tool you NEED to have is a telephone – to call Milwaukee Handyman. No home repair job is too big or too small – our Milwaukee handyman service will be on time, every time to help you out. Call Milwaukee Handyman today to experience the best home improvement service Milwaukee has to offer – from carpentry, plumbing, and simple electrical work to complete home remodeling, nobody in Wisconsin does it better than Milwaukee Handyman.