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Preventing Electrical Disasters in Your Milwaukee Home

Most Milwaukee homeowners don’t notice when electrical outlets aren’t working properly, and are unaware of the typical electrical dangers at hand. Some signs of faulty outlets are flickering lights, constant blown fuses, or sluggishly running appliances. These minor electrical problems can become a risk of electrical shock or major fire hazard, and cause greater problems later if not dealt with immediately. Simple house rewiring may be the solution for an electrically safe home.

One of the main causes of electrical fires are due to corroded wires. Wire corrosion is commonly caused by improper wire connections, usually between aluminum and copper wiring. Aluminum wire expands and contracts at a different rate than copper, which will cause corrosion after time if not done correctly. When corrosion occurs, it creates a hot connection and ultimately leads to an electrical fire. Milwaukee Handyman offers the best electrical repair services done right the first time by our experienced electricians.

Faulty wiring can also cause electrical fuses to be easily blown due to power overload. To replace a fuse, first you will need to find the source of the power overload and unplug the appliances to prevent the fuse from becoming immediately blown again. Turn off the house power by pulling down the handle located on the outside of the fuse box. Remove and replace the blown fuse with the proper amperage for the circuit, never touching the metal part of the fuse. Turn the house power back on.

If your home is still wired with old 2-blade electrical outlets, it would be a good idea for you to replace electrical outlets with ground-fault circuit interrupters, especially where water is used. These outlets, unlike the old, will cut off the power as soon as they sense any electrical current leak, which will reduce the risk of electrical shock. Milwaukee Handyman offers the best prices on qualified Milwaukee electricians for safe electrical outlet installation.

To prevent electrical mishaps, let Milwaukee Handyman assist you with the best electrical installation and electrical wiring repair. Milwaukee Handyman offers a free estimate and guarantee to get your electrical wiring done properly the first time. So for the best electrical installation in Milwaukee, choose Milwaukee Handyman to install your electrical wiring right.